A Special Notice from Lynn Webb

"SeaBreeze Winery will close December 20, 2014, I have decided to retire.

Unfortunately, this means that after December 20 you will not be able to purchase SeaBreeze Wine. The wine that we have at the winery is all there is. We will continue growing our grapes and selling them to other wineries in Florida.

As we get closer to closing we will start running out of wine - if you need to stock up on your favorite SeaBreeze Wine or need wine for the holidays you might consider ordering soon.

I have enjoyed operating SeaBreeze Winery for the past 11 1/2 years. I could not have done it without the help of my employees, Jill (she's the one with the dark hair), she has been with us since we opened, Shelley, Tawana, Susan x 2, Heidi, Karen, Keeley, Jennifer and others.

I have to also say that the wine we sell starts in the vineyard. William Marlow, our vineyard manger and his guys spend their time planting, training, pruning, mowing and harvesting the grapes and then helping our winemaker make the wine before putting it into the bottles.

Of course we would not have had a business without YOU - our customers and friends. For every bottle of wine you purchased - we thank you, for every glass of slushie you purchased at Friday Fest - we thank you, for every friend you recommended us to - we thank you, for every time you walked through our doors - we thank you.

Lastly, I ask that you continue to support the Florida Farm Wineries. You can find them at http://www.fgga.org."

My best to all of you,
Lynn Webb

Limited Time In-Store Specials!

Backroom Sale! Baskets and basket making supplies, seasonal items - valentines, mardi gras, easter, fall christmas, displays.
*No other discounts apply - No mix and match cases on this special. Store wide sale 30% excludes wine, slush mix, food items and discounted merchandise.

Free Panama City Beach Wine Tastings

SeaBreeze Winery is the only working Winery on Panama City Beach. We are centrally located on the west end of Hutchison Blvd/Middle Beach Road in beautiful Panama City Beach. After years of preparation the Winery opened in July 2003. Get Directions

The muscadine grapes are brought to this facility where crushing, pressing and fermentation take place in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The wine making process is carefully monitored in the on premises lab to insure the highest quality. In the summer following harvest, the wines will be bottled on the winery's small but modern bottling line.

Interested in Crafts or Home Wine Making?
We sell our used wine bottles for $2.00 per case. Stop by the Winery and pick them up!

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